chris4short's Trophy Case (aka Banners)

Well after close to two years of entering Icontests, starting in the beloved fandom, Stargate, and stretching to Moonlight and Vintage Communities, I have gathered my many banners! It took several hours and many trips to the bucket to retrieve the said banners, make sure they were in some order, because God knows I didn't have them in any order before, and size them to make them fit here!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who have voted for my silly little creations, or who have believed in me, and told me to continue making them. As my lovely sissy is quick to point out, I have tons of icontests I cruise (or try to) every week or every other week. So look for *hopefully* new banners, ya know because every one loves the trophy case!

Click on the banner to see the original size. And no taking! They are under my lock and key!

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Updated 7/21/10

Torchwood - Torchwood Boys

Who can say no to a cute man who holds your life in his hands? Especially if that person is Owen Harper. Or maybe fetch a spot of tea? Ianto Jones is your man. They may not be "the Boss" but they are awesome non-the-less!! Oh but how about that boss...

Owen [4]
Ianto [3]
Jack [3]

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