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doxy_designs's Journal

Christine's Graphics
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Chris plays with: SG1, SGA, Torchwood, CSI:NY, Harry Potter, JAG, Firefly, CSI: Vegas, BSG, Dead Zone, House, Bones, Moonlight NCIS.
doxy_designs - A community for our Graphics.
jack_gwen_daily - A Torcwhood Drabble Comm.
mickbeth_daily - A MoonlightDrabble Comm.
blairchuckdaily - A Gossip Girl Drabble Comm.
prompt_in_a_box - A multi-fandom prompt community.
stop_plagiarism - A community set to stop plagiarism in fanfiction.
at_3 - A weekend with her fans: Amanda Tapping (Sam from SG-1) in London, May 2008

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Photoshop & Image Ready: I am a Mac based girl. I can't imagine life without my high powered graphic tools. I currently have Photoshop CS and Image Ready CS. It was a painless transition from PS7. I use lots of resources to make my icons, moods, banners and headers all look the best I can make them.
.Our Tools.
Disclaimer: All the fandoms I use to make graphics for are obviously not mine nor do I make any profit through anything I do with with them. .Disclaimer.
The Mood Theme used in this community is a mix of numerous mood themes, most made by crackified and one made by nomorecasualty. For more info on the individual mood themes go to our All Credited Mood Themes. .Mood Theme.
This graphic community is run by Chris
Profile Codes from and thanks to street_of_mercy

Journal Layout, header and icon thanks to and by chris4short