Tags: artist's announcement

DW: Timey Wimey

How to Browse the Tags: Easy Navigation for All

The Tags are a fairly easy to navigate. They are set first and foremost by what kind of design it is: icons, wallpapers, banners, mood themes, headers, and/or videos. After that's out of the way, it specifies what kind of fandom that design has of, example: "wallpapers: sga", "icons: sg1", "headers: moonlight", "banners: torchwood", "mood theme: celebrities" and/or "videos: firefly".

Icon Description such as "Text Icons" or "Animated" have a similar tag system. As in, "wallpaper: lyrics", "icons: random text" and/or "icons: animated". Pairings are a separate tag such as "Pairing: mal/river", "Pairing: jack/gwen", etc. Be warned that pairings can be romantic or non-romantic and it can apply to icons, wallpapers, ect. Those details won't be specified in the tag, you have to check the entry in order to verify that. Now if there's an icon with a quote from a T.V. show, the tag will be like this: "icons: firefly quotes".

Simple, no? Easy to navigate? I hope so!

Now, there is also our artist's tag. If you specifically want to see my darling Sissy's GORGEOUS icons, she has her own artist's tag "artist: chris4short" which, if you click, you'll see it all.

However you decide to navigate us, it's up to you, whatever makes it easier!

Toodles and enjoy!

Love, Ani (luxuria_oceanus) and Chris (chris4short)